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KROCK 101.5Thursday, October 1st, 2015 at 4:36am
The Rock Warrior, Jamie DeMatoff, Free Form DJ will hit the airwaves at 7pm. So get ready for a barrage of heavy rock with no hint of mellow.
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Sunday's Home Grown Music Hour Playlist:
Busekrus - Dooey
Ignite The Red - Apostrophe's
No Bare Feet - Our Song
Turbo Pascal - Code Blue
Pimpbot - Tiger
Turbo Pascal - Sonic Remedy
Batter Alley (Kauai) - Janky
Expendable Youth (Kauai) - Forget Society
Falling For Alba (Big Isle) - Stranded
Mr. Orange Undercover (Maui) - Thinking of You
Family Fun - Be Casual
Vixen - Living In Sin

As usual, all bands are from Oahu unless otherwise noted

Upcoming in-studio guests for 2015:

9/27 -- SIN73
10/4 -- Flamingo Nosebleed (Indiana) and Andrea Manges (The Manges / Italy)
10/11 -- Show but no guests (Testament show)
10/18 -- OPEN
10/25 -- OPEN
11/1 -- Kailua Bay Buddies
11/8 -- OPEN
11/15 -- Bone Canyon
11/22 -- Tin Idols
11/29 and beyond -- OPEN

Jan 3rd -- Expendable Youth
Jan 10th -- Go Jimmy Go
Jan 17th -- Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites)

Please like the page and tell your friends about the show.

Like the page and drop in for an interview some time. Bands need Hawaii ties and 2 well recorded songs if you'd like to join us. Write in to schedule a date!

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KROCK 101.5Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 11:01pm
Come on out to Amuse Wine bar tonight at 7 for a FREE comedy show.
This is the weekly show Hawaii's professional comedians work out
their new material in front if a live audience!
Tuesday night is a whole lot more interesting than tacos!
Amuse Wine Bar is on the corner of Piikoi and Kapiolani in the second floor of the Inspiration Design Center.
Loads of free parking.
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KROCK 101.5 shared BESSPORNO's video.Sunday, August 30th, 2015 at 1:32am
The Dackman with the Excellence & Simplicity of this Great Rock Band called Led Zeppelin.

Listen for More incredible Rock News From The Dackman Taking You Home Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm on Hawaii's Rock Station 101.5 FM K-ROCK, i-HEART, TUNE-IN and
"Dazed & Confused" | live incredible early performance in Paris "Dazed and Confused" was widely popularised by, and is still heavily identified with, Led Zeppelin. It became the centrepiece for the group at Led Zeppelin concerts, at least through the release of "Whole Lotta Love" from their second album. When performed live, it was (except for the fast middle section) played at a slower overall tempo, and gradually extended in duration (up to 45 minutes by 1975) as a multi-section improvised jam. Although initially performed in a manner similar to the studio version, some noticeable differences were gradually developed in live performances. By June 1969, in the section where Page plays guitar with a violin bow, the rest of the band dropped out completely, allowing him to perform a lengthier free-form improvisation, though by January 1970, the main structure of the section was already formed. By 1972, another improvised section had been added between the verses and this. The fast section was extended to allow changes in dynamics and volume, as well as changing the beat, sometimes segueing in and out of another song altogether. There was a short jam at the end of the song after the final verse. Over time, the improvisational suite incorporated more and more material. In 1972, the song incorporated riffs from the Led Zeppelin songs "The Crunge", and "Walter's Walk", as can be heard on the live album How the West Was Won. By 1973, the song featured an extended transition before the violin bow solo, which incorporated a melody that would later be used in 1976's "Achilles Last Stand". Plant sang lyrics from either Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco" or Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock" during this transition. Also, from October 1969 to the song's last performance in May 1975 at the Earl's court shows, the violin solo and the solo section after would incorporate "Mars" from Gustav Holst's suite The Planets, accompanied by Plant's vocalisations. #LedZeppelin are #RobertPlant – vocals #JimmyPage – guitars #JohnPaulJones – bass guitar #JohnBonham – drums
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